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Vicksburg and Winfield Ghost Towns


Vicksburg, Colorado Vicksburg, Colorado
September 29, 2007 - My friend Ron was visiting me this weekend and with the autumn colors practically bursting, we made the scenic drive up Chaffee County Road 390 to the ghost towns of Vicksburg. Vicksburg is the first stop, located close to the Missouri Gulch Trailhead, which leads to "14ers" such as Mt. Belford, Mt. Oxford and Missouri Mountain.

Above are two photos of some original structures that remain in the town.

Vicksburg, Colorado Vicksburg, Colorado
Many of the homes are privately owned with some year-round residents. I love the tree covered road and the old stage coach!
Chaffee County Road 390
The autumn foliage was indeed amazing on the Saturday we visited. Here is one of my favorite pictures as we traveled west on Chaffee County Road 390. You can see all of my autumn foliage pictures from that day here: Fall Foliage Gallery.


Winfield, Colorado Winfield, Colorado
Winfield is four miles farther up into the canyon. There are fewer original structures remaining in the town, but I got a nice one of my buddy Ron standing in front of the old schoolhouse.
Winfield, Colorado
There are stunning views of the Rocky Mountains in all directions in Winfield. (The same small structure is in both photos above.)
Winfield, Colorado
One more picture of some autumn foliage from Winfield!

You can view more of my photos from Vicksburg and Winfield here: Vicksburg & Winfield Ghost Towns.

I also have a modest directory of other interesting ghost towns in the nearby area: Chaffee County Area Ghost Towns.

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