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SWINGING ROCK - A Notable Rock Formation In Turret, Colorado - July 16, 2008

Swinging Rock Swinging Rock In the town of Turret there is a very notable rock. Most consider Turret to be a "ghost town" as it had a mere 3-5 year-round residents - a tiny number consider hundreds once lived here in the early 1900's when mining boomed the town.

Swinging Rock sits on top of two rock ledges just a short walk from the adjacent sign. Some of the historic photographs from Turret's busier days have photos of newlyweds, children and even this man on a mule on top of Swinging Rock.

Today, my new friends in Salida (including Cheryl!) and I made a visit this place.

Swinging Rock There it is!
Swinging Rock Swinging Rock
Omar Richardson Swinging Rock
Special thanks to Omar Richardson (bottom left), a local realtor for Turret, in explaining much of the history of the area. I guess it became kind of a "photo-op" up there with various photos of the us on the rock. :)

Turret, Colorado!

You can see photos of my first visit to Turret in 2007 here: Turret, CO.

Turret, CO
Two photos of the same structure, then and now. (The "then" was probably about 100 years ago in the "00's" of the 20th century.) Turret, CO Turret, Colorado
Omar pointed out this structure last served as a school. The female school teacher lived in the back room and taught in the front. Turret Ghost Town
Lots of pretty mountain scenery and rock outcroppings this way. Turret, CO
Turret, CO
The Turret Sample Room building has been restored. Turret, CO
A view from a particular cabin. Turret, Colorado
The post office in Turret operated until 1939. Turret, CO
One more nice view.

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