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St. Elmo, Colorado - A "Ghost Town" In Chaffee County
(February 2006)
St. Elmo, Colorado St. Elmo is located approximately 11 miles west of the Mt. Princeton Hot Springs inside Chalk Creek Canyon. To get there, go west on Chaffee County Road 162 in Nathrop and go west.
St. Elmo, Colorado Now I am not an expert on St. Elmo history, but I'm 99% sure St. Elmo was founded around 1880 and was an old mining camp. At one point, the town was a fairly bustling town with a railroad that came into the canyon.
St. Elmo, Colorado Today, there are quite a few buildings that have stood the test of time and are still there today. All of St. Elmo is privately owned, and there are many signs reminding visitors that they are not to trespass on private lands or enter into buildings.
St. Elmo, Colorado Also, visitors should note that St. Elmo does not offer any services such as gas, food or public bathrooms.
St. Elmo, Colorado Having said all that, St. Elmo is arguably one of the most interesting "ghost towns" in all of Colorado. There are many buildings that reflect the architecture of the late 19th century.
St. Elmo, Colorado Also, if you have 4-wheel drive, Tincup Pass (part of the Continental Divide) is just another six miles to the west and offers really beautiful Colorado mountain scenery.
St. Elmo, Colorado Look at all the snow! Today, there is only a very small handful of residents who live all year round in St. Elmo.
Colorado I zoomed-in on the mountains on the south side of the canyon.
Rocky Mountains More wintery Rocky Mountain views.
St. Elmo, Colorado The building that apparently served as a store and post office.

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