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RUBY MOUNTAIN (A Short And Scenic Hike Near Nathrop, Colorado) - October 27, 2007

Mt. Princeton Note: This is a page about Ruby Mountain in COLORADO.

On Saturday morning, I ventured out towards Nathrop to hike to the summit of Ruby Mountain, a small peak directly east of Nathrop with an altitude of approximately 8,200 feet. While the mountain is very modest for Chaffee County standards, the views from the top of the Collegiate Peaks are outstanding!

The adjacent photo is the easterly view of Mt. Princeton at the trailhead, just past the Ruby Mountain Campground.

Ruby Mountain From the eastern side of the mountain, the trail to the top is quite short. There I am at the summit of Ruby Mountain! :)
Ruby Mountain Campground Arkansas River, Colorado LEFT: The northerly view with the Ruby Mountain Campground below. The large peak behind is Sugarloaf Mountain (alt. 8,403 feet).

RIGHT: The northwesterly view of the Arkansas River Valley, including the Arkansas River flowing downward. Mt. Princeton (far left), Mt. Yale (center) and Mt. Columbia (right) sit way out there.

Nathrop, Colorado
Nathrop, Colorado
Nathrop, Colorado
Three views to the west that include the few homes that are part of the village of Nathrop.

Mt. Antero is the peak to the left of Mt. Princeton in the top and bottom photos.

Ruby Mountain Area While standing on the summit of Ruby Mountain, I snapped this photo below of my vehicle parked at the trailhead.

Friends, this is a very good "beginner trail" for children or those wanting a short hike that has beautiful views of the Collegiate Peaks!

Ruby Mountain
Sugarloaf Mountain
TOP PHOTO: Standing in Nathrop, the easterly view of Ruby Mountain.

BOTTOM PHOTO: Sugarloaf Mountain can been prominently to the northeast of Nathrop.

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