Chaffee County, Colorado

Hike At Cottonwood Pass - The Continental Divide Trail - July 7, 2007

Cottonwood Pass View
My friend Ron from Colorado Springs visited me this weekend in Buena Vista. Ron wanted to do some kind of hike, but admitted he wasn't in the best of shape and hoped I would take him on a moderate trail. Thus, I took him to the Continental Divide Trail at Cottonwood Pass and hiked to the first unnamed peak south of the pass. It is a fairly gentle uphill trail and the point is maybe 0.5 miles one way.

(Photo above: The well-known and well-photographed westerly view of the tundra pool and mountains at Cottonwood Pass.)

Cottonwood Pass
A photo of Ron standing in front of the Cottonwood Pass sign. C'mon ... we had to take this standard photo that tourists always take! ;)
Continental Divide Trail
Now the Continental Divide Trail pretty much runs along the Continental Divide and is a long-term work in progress. In this area, west of the divide comprises of Gunnison County, while east of the divide comprises of Chaffee County.
Colorado Wildflowers
The Colorado wildflowers were just beautiful.
Colorado Rocky Mountains
I think this was a special spot and moment for Ron. Upon reaching the top, Ron walked down just a bit and gazed at the view of all the mountains.
Cottonwood Pass
At the top, here's the view of Cottonwood Pass. 14ers Mt. Harvard, Mt. Columbia and Mt. Yale can all be seen (left to right) in the background.
Continental Divide
The view of the Continental Divide facing the south. I hiked up to that unnamed point to the right on July 4, and my photos can be seen here.
Taylor Park Reservoir
The view to the west includes Taylor Park and Taylor park Reservoir.
Henry Mountain
The view to the southwest, which includes Henry Mountain, according to my topographical map.

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