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Colorado 4-Wheeling (Cottonwood Lake - South Cottonwood Canyon - Mineral Basin) - July 2, 2007

Cottonwood Lake July 2, 2007 - My buddy Shannon Tucker picked me up at 7 a.m. sharp to do some 4-wheeling up into the canyon that includes Cottonwood Lake. Here's a nice early morning photo of the dutiful Land Cruiser and Cottonwood Lake. (Shannon and I have also done some other stuff in the area: Cottonwood Pass, St. Elmo).
South Cottonwood Canyon
Four Wheel Drive Road
Colorado 4-Wheel Drive Road
A few photos as we headed upward.
Colorado 4-Wheel Driving Colorado 4-Wheel Driving One frustrating thing is my photos of the road never seem to show just how rocky and bumpy the road was! :p)
Colorado Four Wheeling A good way into the canyon, there was a turn-off to the right that heads upward towards a ridge, which a short walk up will lead to Ptarmigan Lake. Neat huh? This adjacent photo is facing straight towards the main road of South Cottonwood Canyon, with the road heading upward towards Ptarmigan Lake to the right.
Colorado Mountain
Colorado Mountain
Emma Burr Mountain
This was my first time far into this canyon, which in its uppermost parts is referred to as "Mineral Basin."

The mountain views are really ding-dang nice. Emma Burr Mountain is the large, pointed peak in the third photo, a 13er that also comprises of the Continental Divide.

Emma Burr Mountain In this Mineral Basin area, there was one final "Y" in which we went left. I'm telling you folks, the scenery was just wonderful up there!
Colorado Four Wheeling 4-Wheeling at its best! We crossed this somewhat deep creek near the end! :)
Emma Burr Mountain
Colorado High Country
Mineral Basin
Shannon seemed obsessed as I am in knowing exactly which mountains are which, and what leads to where.

TOP: Emma Burr Mountain.

MIDDLE: The easterly view looking back down the canyon.

BOTTOM: We stood on an old mining area and looked towards the north. The low ridge in the left-center part of the photo, if crossed, would lead into the Cottonwood Pass area drainage and probably not too far away from Lost Lake. That tall mountain on the right is Jones Mountain South.

Snow in July Of late, I have had a nearly daily hobby of photographing snow during these summer months. It's part of my new web site dedicated to snow: Special thanks to Shannon for helping provide some perspective on the size of that snow area.
Mt. Kruetzer
Emma Burr Mountain
Folks, if you love 4-wheeling, I recommend exploring this canyon. (Some locals call it "Spring Canyon," but none of my maps refer to it as that. "South Cottonwood Canyon" appears to be the standard name.) The road is not as rough as Tincup Pass and the views ... Ah the views!

I have included two final photos of Mt. Kreutzer (top, with the light beige rock, alt. 13,094 feet) and Emma Burr Mountain (bottom, alt. 13,537 feet). I think I'd like to reach the summit of both of these mountains, and I'm thinking about walking along the Continental Divide from Cottonwood Pass to reach both of them. (Both peaks are on the divide.)

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