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The Boss Lake Trail is a scenic hike near the Monarch Mountain Ski area that is considered a well-kept secret in the region. Located just off of Highway 50 in southern Chaffee County, the hike provides thick forested areas, pockets of aspen trees, Boss Lake itself and beautiful views of the Rocky Mountains.

Boss Lake Reservoir - Photo Taken August 16, 2007
Boss Lake Reservoir

Boss Lake Area - My Walk Near The Trailhead and Along Jeep Trails
(October 2005)
Boss Lake Trail The turnoff for Boss Lake Trail is located almost directly across from the Monarch Lodge on Highway 50. If you have a good 4-wheel drive, you can drive up the jeep trail to the trailhead, but I decided to walk the one mile to the official trailhead.
Fall Colors I got some really nice views of the fall colors, as you can see.
Fall Colors Bright yellow aspens shimmer with the sunlight hitting it just right.
Autumn Leaves Autumn leaves laying on the ground.
Jeep Trail Along this jeep trail, it actually goes across a fairly busy stream.
Colorado After hiking uphill about one mile, you'll come across some really amazing mountain views like this.
Colorado Eventually you'll reach an open area that offers views of the nearby mountains in almost all directions.
Fall Colors Fall Foliage Two more photos of the autumn colors.
Steve One picture of me. It was a nice hike! You can see my pictures of my visit to Boss Lake in 2007 here: Boss Lake Reservoir.
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